Mental Health Day

img_0689Sometimes you just have to take a day to reclaim your sanity, and that’s okay!

Just a few weeks ago I had to take myself a mental health day. I woke up that morning and absolutely just did feel like going to work. My focus was gone, I felt disconnected from my job and I was just not feeling it.

I decided to call in sick and spend the day getting my life back in order so that I could lessen my stress level. I decided what was the most important to get done: laundry, sweep & mop the house, and a little me time in the afternoon before the kids got home (hour long soak in the tub). I got up and tackled the tasks I had set out for myself.

Outcome? It really did help my stress level. The next morning I woke up and felt so much better for getting that extra time in to get my chores caught up. You don’t necessarily have to spend your mental health day cleaning house, but I would recommend doing at least 1 or 2 things that will make the rest of the week easier on you.

I found a great article, “How to Know When to Take a Mental Health Day.” Did you know that the Federal Department of Health & Human Resources estimates that only 17% of the population is functioning at optimal mental health?! That should go to show you that how you’re feeling is perfectly normal, and the stigma surrounding mental health needs to be addressed.

You may need a mental health day if:

  1. You’re more anxious than usual – It’s hard to focus & put your all into your work when you feel on edge. This really puts a damper on your ability to stay focused.
  2. You can’t focus – Are your thoughts consuming your day, everyday? That’s a good indication that you need to take a day to recharge.
  3. You’re feeling down in the dumps – If you find yourself with your head down most of the day and just not able to get  yourself going, then you need a “you” day.
  4. You’re easily upset – The worst thing in the world is walking around feeling easily agitated. Your co-workers would probably benefit also from you taking some time to calm your thoughts & nerves.
  5. You are moving slow and are feeling disconnected – Much like the battery on your phone, you need to take time to recharge yourself. It is possible to run yourself out of power.

Tips on how to spend your mental health day:

  1. Get chores completed that you’ve been putting off – One of the fastest ways to get yourself feeling better is to be able to enjoy a clean home, to have clean laundry for the rest of the week or to have a freshly cleaned car. Has your yard work fell behind and its been bothering you? Then tackled it and see how quickly your mood changes.
  2. Create a budget and plan out your bills – Have you gotten behind on your finances and it has been consuming your thoughts and waking you up at night? Take time to sit down and map out your finances. Out of sight, out of mind does not apply in regards to this part of your life.  Face it head on and feel better for it.
  3. Exercise – Get out & get that blood pumping! We all know that exercise is the #1 key to better mental health. Take a nice walk & just clear your mind.
  4. Get some much needed sleep – Take an hour or two to nap during your mental heath day. Sometimes your body just needs to shut down so that your brain can recharge itself. Try not to sleep the entire day away. You need to be able to sleep later on that night.

One last tip, ENJOY YOUR DAY!

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