My name is Krystal James (center) and I am an American born writer. I write of first hand experiences ranging from moments of extreme happiness to extreme trauma. I think some of the best stories are those where true honesty runs freely. I am not ashamed of my past for I have conquered it and I am clearly a stronger person for it.

My goal with this blog is to help people deal with the truth of everyday life, the truth that people have a hard time talking about: how to start being happy, how to deal with low self-confidence, how to deal with childhood trauma, etc. I am not a Psychologist by no means, I am just a woman willing to share her life, her story to help others. It is in our darkest moments that we just need to know that someone out there understands us.

The sole purpose of airing out my life and its brutal truth is to help others see that, even in the most chaotic times, God is always with you.